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We've created a library of exercises to help you get stronger, happier and healthier.


Barbell Neck Row

We stand, grasping the bar with our hands looking towards our relaxed arms and legs. From this position, we raise the bar, with the elbows open, and reaching the neck.


Barbell Rows

We spread our legs and bend them slightly. We take the bar and lean our back a little forward. From this position we raise the bar to the height of our chest and return to the starting position.


Barbell Rows T

With the bar placed in the corresponding socket and with the proper grip, we open the legs and let the bar remain in the middle of them. We take the grip, lean our back slightly forward and bring t...


Barbell Squat

We place the bar behind the head, supporting it on our trapeze. We open our feet at the height of the hips, and from this position we go down bending our knees and with our back straight.


Barbell Sumo Squat

We open our feet at the height of the hips and make the tips of our feet look out. From this position we go down bending our knees and with our back straight.

Full Body

Bear Crawl Back and Forth

Bear Crawl Back and Forth is an effective full-body exercise that helps improve strength, coordination, and stability. It mimics the crawling movement of a bear and engages multiple muscle groups, ...


Bench Press With Dumbells

1. Set up the bench: Place the flat bench in an open space with enough room for your movements. Ensure that the bench is stable and secure. 2. 3. Position on the bench: Sit on the bench and carefu...


Bench Rows With Dumbbells

Standing, we support one hand and the same knee on the bench. We drop the other hand with the dumbbell and from that position we bring the weight towards our torso by flexing the elbow.

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