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We've created a library of exercises to help you get stronger, happier and healthier.


Archer TRX

Set up the TRX: Anchor the TRX securely to a sturdy overhead support, such as a bar or beam. Starting position: Stand facing the anchor point with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the TRX hand...


Australian Pull Ups TRX

Australian Pull-Ups with TRX are a challenging exercise that targets your upper body muscles, particularly the back, shoulders, and arms. This exercise is performed using a TRX suspension trainer, ...


Barbell Rows

We spread our legs and bend them slightly. We take the bar and lean our back a little forward. From this position we raise the bar to the height of our chest and return to the starting position.


Barbell Rows T

With the bar placed in the corresponding socket and with the proper grip, we open the legs and let the bar remain in the middle of them. We take the grip, lean our back slightly forward and bring t...


Bench Rows With Dumbbells

Standing, we support one hand and the same knee on the bench. We drop the other hand with the dumbbell and from that position we bring the weight towards our torso by flexing the elbow.


Dumbbell Bridge Pull Over

The Dumbbell Bridge Pull Over is an exercise that targets the upper body, specifically the chest, back, and shoulders. It also engages the core and glutes. Here's a description of how to perform th...

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